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tours of london

As well as tours with a history of medicine theme (medical mysteries, plagues, poxes, discoveries), I can take you on an entertaining walking ramble (or coach tour) on architecture (contemporary and great buildings of all ages), haunts of Sherlock Holmes, art galleries and museums, gardens (medical plants, secret gardens, public gardens and their stories) and literature (whether your interest is Dickens, Shakespeare, murder writers or Harry Potter, or all combined!) and I'll even take you sketching and make sure you have a great drawing to take home (with or without a professional artist as tutor).
While based in London, I'm happy to plan tours from London to explore any of these themes or bespoke tours to fit interests.

london walks

All Around London

Royal London around the Mall and St James's Park, or exploring the secret gardens of the City of London - including an old herb garden; or combine medicine with murder mystery on a London murder writers' walk or tube trail. A guide tour around the British Museum (see the Rosetta Stone, the earliest world map and the reading room where Karl Marx wrote 'Das Kapital') or the National Gallery (paintings by the greats of Renaissance, Turner, Constable and the impressionists). New challenges for walks always welcome!

Medical London

Walks themed to match your interests or area of London can include e.g. Soho (cholera and plagues) South Bank (poxes, Shakespeare and medicine, surgery in the 19th century) Marlyebone (great nurses and doctors), Bloomsbury (public health - and medical history in the British Museum).

From Sherlock Holmes to Dr John Snow

Starting in Baker Street, this walk brings in real and fictional stories, meandering through little known parks and gardens to end in Soho and Dr Snow's cholera investigation - and an optional visit to the John Snow pub.

Children's Stories: a walk to the Foundling Hospital

Explore a little known part of London in this combined medical history and literary walk: the area of east Bloomsbury has links to James Barrie (Peter Pan), Charles Dickens (Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, Barnaby Rudge), JK Jerome (Three men in a boat) - also the moving story of abandoned children for whom the Foundling Hospital was founded, the chimney sweeps' church and the illness of King George III.

Art & Architecture

Tours can include recent contemporary architecture, visits to galleries - and special sketching tours combining tours to unusual buildings and gardens and creating your own drawings of London.

london talks

Around England by Epidemic

Famous and infamous outbreaks of various diseases, amply illustrated with views and anecdotes - I've worked as an outbreak investigator.

Water and Public Health

Talks on water include the history of our spas, the Great British Toilet story, the Great Stink and history of sanitation.